Day 51

Day 51
I awoke to cloudy skies and a desire to head west. 


Jason (left) and Loly (right)

Loly made me breakfast! She also gave me a mug of delicious hot chocolate. 
I headed into the parish hall for one last morning coffee hangout. I met a few new friends, Ellen and Cecilia. It was a fun time per usual. At 9 I was ready to leave and Mary Helen showed up! We all said our goodbyes and Jason and I headed out to the buggy.

Jason snapped a picture of me, and then I hit the soggy trail. Someone had left me a note on the buggy. They also left me shrimp soup, a banana, a water, and some money. I’m not sure who it was, but it was so nice of them!



On the road I met Scott. I offered him the hot shrimp soup and he accepted! 



 I met Deborah. Her two daughters are school teachers, they are currently on spring break. Deborah works at a flea market outside Pascagoula. I went in browsing for instruments. She gave me water and some cookies! I also met some of her coworkers, and one of them gave me some sodas!
We exchanged information and snapped some pictures. I headed west.



 Terrell and his family broke down a few miles outside Gautier. I was able to to help them out in a small way. They needed to use a cell phone.

I put in the miles. It was a long day and I took lots of photos. Its always tough getting back into the rhythm of the road after rest days. I reached Ocean Springs.
I visited the Mississippi Vietnam Veterans memorial.

I swung by Tonys and ate some pizza. It was good! 



I met George on the sidewalk. He was featured in an article on homelessness. We chatted for a bit and I gave him a prayer card I had. He accepted.
I made a decision. I could have reached Biloxi that evening but decided to stay in Ocean Springs. I always prefer reaching cities early in the day. 

I headed to the First Baptist Church in town and left a message with the office. I couldnt find anyone around so I spoke with a neighbor. 
His name was Andre and he gave me directions to St. Alphonsus a few blocks away! I didnt know there was a Catholic Church on the west side of town, so it was surprising.


Fr. Mike

I knocked on the rectory door and met Fr. Mike! He was so helpful. He showed me around the property and provided me with options on where to sleep. He ended up providing me a room to sleep in with bathroom access! Fr. Mike gave me dinner. It felt really good to eat vegetables, something I haven’t had in days. 
I met Toni. Her husband is studying to become a deacon. She, Fr. Mike, and I hung out in the dining room and chatted as I ate.
Fr. Mike gave me some clothes and access to a shower. He was a really nice man. 
I headed to the 24 hour adoration chapel and spent some time in prayer with God.

I watched “The Jewelers Shop” a play by Saint Pope John Paul II on t.v. until I fell asleep.

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