Day 85

Day 85
I slept in. I left the motel around 10 am. I ate some granola bars and trail mix for breakfast. I hit the road.

I had talked to Leslyee the night before about various roads that lead into Beaumont. I-10 was the most direct via frontage roads, but the bridge over the Neches River was dangerous. I decided to detour.

I made it back down to Orange where Lesylee had picked me up. It was a burger place called Novorsky’s. With a name like that, I had to give it a try. The burger was really good!

I put in the miles and made it through to West Orange. 

It rained off and on, so I decked rain gear.

Danny from Lake Charles gave me some great rubber sandals. They were perfect for a rainy day!

I made it to Bridge City shortly after 2p.m. I was going to try to make it to Groves by 5. Storms were setting in.

I got a call from Jack in Lake Charles. He called me to say hello. Storms were setting in there too. I played phone tag with a few shelters. 


I met Douglas. He was sitting outside Market Basket. We chatted and he told me he hopes I figure out whatever I was trying to do. I think he heard me calling shelters. I asked him if he needed water or any food, or even shelter. He told me he was all set, and lived in a trailer in town. He told me he’d be praying for me. He was a really nice guy.
Long story short, I was able to help Jack out again! I ended up buying a gift card at the store and getting Jack a room at the Days Inn. He was really thankful. 
A spider web of lightening crept across the sky. I knew I wouldnt, shouldnt, and probably couldn’t make Groves. I made my way to St. Henry’s in town.
I called the staff but couldn’t seem to get in touch with the priest. I hung out under an awning. I saw a neighbor getting into their car and asked directions to the rectory. It was a ways down the road.
I met Fr. Steven! He was really puzzled when he answered the door. He was confused as to who I was, and what I was doing. I asked for permission to stay overnight under the awning and he told me I could!

I doubled back to the church and found a dry corner under the awning. 
A police officer came by. He asked to check my ID. I gave it to him as he asked me questions. I told him I had permission to stay overnight from Fr. Steven and would be on my way in the morning. He was a nice man and wished me luck.
A few moments later a jeep pulled up next to me under the awning. When I waved to say hello they sped off very fast. I was in the dryest spot possible, but within sight of neighbors. I didn’t want to make anyone nervous, so I went to the back of the church. 

The sun crept through the fog and it stopped raining. I waited till nightfall and set up my sleeping bag. I slept off and on.

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