Day 70

Day 70
I slept in! The shades kept all the sun out, it felt like I had been hibernating. 

I headed over to Walmart and bought some supplies: inner tubes, levers, scabs, an air pump, and a bean burrito.
I headed back to the hotel room and got to work on the buggy. I did a complete unpacking of everything I had, and then a complete repacking. I showered and changed and checked out at noon time. It felt good to have a fresh start. I hit the road.
By the time I got back at Racetrak, it was 3 pm. I was 8 miles south of St. Joseph Cathedral. I put in a phone call, and they told me the building would be closed within an hour. I decided to call it a day. 
I always like approaching cities early in the morning, that way I can put in a full day on the town, and get to somehwere safe by sundown. I hung out at Racetrak and took a nap on the green.

A hour and a half before sundown, I hit the road. I made my way to the LSU Fireman Training center. No one seemed to be around so I called LSU Police, who monitor the grounds via security cameras. They gave me “unofficial” permission to rest up on the property. 

I set up my hammock and fell asleep listening to freight trains and critters in the woods.

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