Day 142

Day 142
I awoke by the bleachers by a high school in Clint Texas. It felt like I hadn’t even slept. I stashed my sleeping bag of belongings under the bleachers and readied a day-pack. I crossed town.

I made it to San Lorenzo, across town. 

Turns out there is a Door if Mercy there! 

I entered within for morning Mass! We also prayed the Liturgy of the Hours. Everything was in spanish. 

I spoke with the staff after Mass. They were able to help me out with some canned goods and bottles of water! I couldn’t take much, I had to carry the weight.

I hung out in the courtyars and made a few ohone calls. I called the Highway Department and told them where I had to abandon the buggy. I also called a bunch of St. Vincent de Paul locations hoping they might have a baby stroller to donate. 

No success. I felt stuck. I didn’t even have a back pack to keep going. I was dehydrated. I needed something to haul water too. I drink at least two gallons a day. I hung out by the church and contemplated what to do. I was out of rhythm. 


I met Maria! She staffs a day care in town! I was walking by on the sidewalk, and decided to ask if they might have a stroller. Something clicked in Maria’s head, they did! Another woman named Juanita gave me a small bag to carry things. They were interested in the journey. Maria told me she gave me the stroller in the name of God! 

I loaded up my new stroller. It wasn’t much to look at, but I felt so thankful. I could get out of town!

Around 11 a.m., I doubled back to the high school. I ate a can of soup for breakfast. I hoped to catch up on journaling during my siesta, but I passed out. I was tired!

Just past 3 I retrieved my gear from under the bleachers. I ate an MRE and did a complete inventory of everything I had. Then I downsized. I ditched most clothes, the sleeping bag, half my toiletries, a spare set of hanmock straps, anything that was heavy. I loaded the stroller: a near empty gallon of water, a solar charger, a cooler with gear and toiletries, the last MRE, a couple cans of tuna and the hammock kit. I used the bag Juanita gave me and made a little BOB area on the cage. 
I got a phone call from a woman named Irma at St. Vincent de Paul. She told me they didnt have any baby strollers at the moment, but if I made it to the store location they might be able to help me with other things I needed. With the little stroller as my foundation, I made my way across town.

I stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom. I was dehydrated. I forced down what water I had left. I kept an eye out for a hose.

The laundry mat had a water fountain! They let me fill up the whole gallon! The water was cold! I drank a lot while I was there too.

Just past 5 p.m. I strolled out of town.

Out past the dealerships. Past the humid fields, and past the loading docks. The fragile little stroller held up! It felt so good to be back in motion!

I kept an eye out for junkyard dogs. Everywhere.

A wind storm rolled in! It kicked up all kinds of dust. Storms lingered to the northeast. I kept steady on the miles. I rationed water.

Within a couple hours, I found myself in Socorro, TX. I travelled on a dirt road parallel with the 20. 

I made it to a Mcdonalds! I was about 15 miles outside El Paso, TX. I sat inside and used the free wifi. I needed to catch up on journaling.

Time passed, it was dark. I missed the sunset.

I found a high school. I wandered around and found a place to camp by the tennis courts. I didn’t have my sleeping bag. Even at night it gets cool. I was able to hang my hammock along a fence. I slept good!

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  1. lizestler says:

    Stay hydrated. Stay safe. Prayers continuing.

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