Day 40

Day 40
I rose before the sun and headed into the cathedral for 6:30a.m. Mass. It was a great start to the day. I grabbed my belongings and headed west. 

I met up with the 90. It felt good. There is something about being in motion. Its motivating! 


Rusty, Mike, Lee , and Nate

A few minutes after 8, I showed up at St. Vincent de Paul. Mike was there! As well as Rusty, Lee, and Nate. They had a stroller for me. I couldn’t thank them enough. Traveling while carrying weight has been really hard on my… well my everything. I made the purchase and headed to a gas station to inflate the wheels. 

I own a jeep! It even has a speaker to play music! The cart itself is in great condition. It also has lots of room for cargo and storage. I can even fit in it!

I threw my pack in the seat and headed west. I swung by Walmart and bought groceries with the gift card Fr. Michael at St. Thomas the Apostle had given me. I stocked up on lots of produce, something I have been craving. I also picked up a few supplies.
I hit up the Publix outside Brownsville and used the rest of the gift card Fr. Tim at Blessed Sacrament had given me. I think it may be the last Publix westward in Florida.

Fully loaded, feeling refreshed, and ready, I followed the 90 outside town.



I met Sarah at a roadside farmers market. She made me some carrot juice and fresh guacamole. Both were delicious! I bought an avocado and chatted with the staff. Sarah worked at a fruit stand in Laguna for 15 years. She told me to check it out when I made it out that way.

It took me a few hours, but I reached my goal: the Alabama line.
I had been sad all week thinking about leaving Florida, but it actually felt really good! 
I arrived at the First Baptist Church in Seminole Alabama and received permission via phone from Pastor Ray to camp. I hung my hammock and relaxed. 

I listened to a pack stray cats on and off throughout the night. All kinds of weird sounds coming from those cats. It must be an Alabama thing. 

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