Day 58

Day 58

I slept in and awoke around 9am. I got changed and took a shower. I headed into town.

Festival goers meandered about the streets. It was the first day of Jazz Fest. I headed towards the french quarter to do some exploring.


I met Roy. He was on the street. He showed me to a local breakfast place and we shared a meal. Bacon and Egg on a french baguette, it was really good! We also had some pecan pie. It was really sunny, so I offered Roy my sunglasses. He accepted!
Roy gave me some beads that he wanted me to wear, and gave me some advice on how to deal with people on the street. “When people ask you where you got your shoes at you tell them in New Orleans. If people say they will spell your last name if you tell them your first, you tell them you know how to spell your last name. I dont want to see you getting tricked.” It was funny. Roy was street smart.
We talked about Katrina, and how rough it is on the street. Roy has lived in New Orleans his whole life. I gave him a few dollars and a prayer card I had and we parted ways.


I met Maxwell. He is from California and was playing ragtime on his mandolin. I asked him where I could get a beignet, something Shana back at Rigolet’s told me I needed to do. Maxwell gave me directions. I planned on bringing him one back.

It was a goose chase, and I couldnt quite find the place he recommended. I doubled back and we hung out for a few minutes. I gave him some money and he was very thankful. We talked about the buskers in town, street bands, and our adventures. He gave me some tips on nightlife in New Orleans. I headed towards the Cathedral of St. Louis.

It was beautiful, and lots of people were inside taking pictures. I passed through the Holy Door of Mercy and attending the 12:05 pm Mass.

Outside in front of the cathedral, I surveyed the street scene. Vendors, musicians, tourists, homeless, travelers, pictures, and all kinds of booths and stands.
I headed for the library. I needed to send a file to a friend and I needed wifi access to do so.

I met JP. He was camera shy but we looked each other up on Facebook. He needed 50 cents towards a new pair of shoes. I asked him if he was thirsty, and we headed into Mcdonalds.

We shared a meal and I gave JP some money. He looked down at my feet and asked me why I was helping him. He couldn’t understand it. JP has younger brothers and sisters. We talked about the street, our families, and what Boston is like. He thanked me and recommended I find a group to travel with. We parted ways.


I met Phil, he was street evangelizing downtown. We chatted for a bit and he asked me if I played some sort of drum. He told me he would be busking later and needed a drummer. I told him if I was around I would be happy to. He also offered me food or drink, but I was already full from my meal with JP. We parted ways.


Outside the library I met Michael. He is from Florida. He was homeless in Los Angeles and San Francisco for a number of years. He decided to head home to Tampa, but ended up stuck in New Orleans 3 months ago. He has been here since. We chatted and headed over to Walgreens for some cold waters. I gave him a little bit of money and we headed back towards the library. We were actually both there for the same reason, to use the computers!
I touched base with Sarah who had been at work all day. We needed to meet up because I had her house keys!


I met Sharon she was thirsty and I got her a cold bottle of water at Walgreens too!

Best part of the Jazz Festival!

I put in a few miles and made it back to Sarah’s house around 5pm. We met up and decided to walk around and explore the exodus of people leaving Jazz Fest. It was a fun time! We saw all kinds of crazy things, people watching is fun!

Sarah showed me around city park and we even stopped by a shop and got a beignet and coffee. Officially crossed it off the bucket list! It was a fun time, New Orleans is a very interesting city!

I fell asleep feeling thankful for a safe place to stay, and well rested for travel the next day.

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