Day 39

Day 39
I awoke hanging in my hammock beneath a gazebo at St. Paul’s in Pensacola Fl. I broke camp and headed into town.

I had time to spare so I stopped at a breakfast place called, “My Favorite Things.” It was an artsy place, and the food was really good!


St. Michael the Archangel in downtown Pensacola

After breakfast I made the few mile hike into downtown Pensacola. I arrived at St. Michael the Archangel church for Divine Mercy Sunday!
The Pensacola high school class of ’51 was present for Mass. They all graduated in that same church years ago. 



Me, Vincent, and Brian

I passed through the Holy Door and met Vincent and Brian. We chatted about pilgrimages and journeys. Vincent gave me some money to help me along the journey. Brian is actually embarking on a pilgrimage of his own next week. He is headed to Australia!
I headed over to the community building for lunch. I met some friends: Martina, Steven, Kathleen, and Mike. 
Mike works at St. Vincent de Paul and gave me directions to the warehouse in town. He thought he saw a jogging stroller a few days ago in storage!


 I wandered around town and ran into a woman named Gaye. She is from Oklahoma and needed a few dollars for laundry. We headed towards the dollar store together and happened upon St. Stephens Church. Gaye wondered whether it was open or not. We went inside just before 3pm and ended up praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet in adoration! 
After prayer we grabbed pastries and coffee at a really fancy place called George’s. The staff was really nice and let us in after they had already closed for the afternoon. Their carrot cake was awesome!
We swung by the dollar store and picked up laundry detergent and headed for the laundry mat. Gaye gave me lots of tips about Pensacola, where to get a free shower, places to stay, and how to get places. She even gave me a pair of sunglasses with a hard case and some beads. She helped me out alot!

We parted ways at the laundry mat and I headed for the Holy Door at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, a few miles from downtown. Turns out, I was right on time for Mass.

I passed through the Holy Door and took a few pictures. I met lots of nice people including Terry, Gail, and Ingrid. I spoke with Fr. Matt after Mass and it seemed like he was somehow expecting me! I think Fr. Tim from Blessed Sacrament in Tallahassee sent out a text to priests within the diocese. 


Me (left), Fr. James (center), and Fr. Matt (right)

Fr. Matt offered me to stay in the guest room. I accepted. I met Fr. James and we all hung out in the kitchen. We even took a selfie haha.


Sunset on the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

It was a good long day. I took a shower and fell asleep soon after.

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