Day 136

Day 136

I rose with the sun. 

I was depleted. I drank a gatorade, lots of water, and a V8 vegetable juice. I had been saving the V8 through the desert for at least a week. Traveling through the rain, clouds, and storms the night before, I had forgotten to stay hydrated.
I hit the road. I saw great sights. I chipped away at the miles and made my way down into Van Horn Texas:

I stopped by a Wendy’s and ate a chicken sandwich. At noon time, I started scouting places for siesta.

I found a courthouse that didnt seem to be open on the weekends. Their was wifi in the courtyard out front. I hung out.
Time passed, and I rested for most of the day. At sundown, I strolled my way around town looking for churches to camp at. There weren’t any good locations. I retreated to the courthouse, and found a great place to hang my hammock. Beneath a radio tower out back. I fell asleep to dogs barking and birds up above.

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