Day 149

Day 149

I slept in! The sun had risen.

I took in the view, repacked the buggy, and hit sidewalk. 

I headed into Deming.

I made it to St. Anne’s just in town. They had a Door of Mercy! 

I spoke with Romy in the office. I was out of food. She gave me a bag of little pastries and a few sodas! She also gave me directions to St. Vincent de Paul in town. Wish I got a picture of her, she was so great!

I also stopped by the First Baptist Church. Margarett there gave me a big paper bag of emergency groceries! I took what I could eat: cereal, saltines, peanut butter, green beans and corn, and two bagged lunches! I left things I couldn’t take: pasta, rice, beans, things I would have to cook. Wish I got a picture of her too, she was so nice to me. She wished me well for the road ahead.

I found a city park and hung my hammock in the shade. I was so tired, almost too tired to sleep. Time passed.

At 2:30 p.m., I made my way across town. It was so hot! That early hour or so of being in the sun, I could feel it!

I made it to St. Vincent de Paul! The staff was so great and helped me out tremendously. Again, wish I got a picture. I didn’t even catch their names 😦 

They gave me pizza and some canned goods from their pantry! They also let me fill up my empty gallons at their sink!

Between all the help I had been given in town, I had enough food to get to Lordsburg, NM, 60 miles west of Deming! It would take me atleast 3 days.

Just before 3 p.m., I joined the frontage road out of town.

I chipped away at the miles:

At 8 p.m., I made it to a truck stop along the highway. They had a great promotion involving the new Pokemon game. 

It just so happens I dabble! I got a free drink! I loaded up on gatorade. I felt so thankful. I had a coconut water hidden in the buggy incase of an emergency, but it had been a while since I drank electrolytes. 

I cracked a can of pinto beans. 

The sun had already set. I hit the frontage road.

I put in the miles.

The moon rose.

At 10:30 p.m, I made it to a Dairy Queen and gas station. It was closed. It was also quiet.

I hiked into the desert a bit to a few telephone poles about 100 yards from the gas station. I hung my hammock between the poles. I fell fast sleep.

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  1. Erin Martin says:

    I bet you’re catching ALL the Pokemon!!! Stay safe!


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