Day 180

Day 180
I awoke just before sunrise.

I rolled up my sleeping bag and repacked the buggy. I eased down Sunrise Road to the base of the mountains. I rejoined Highway 62 west.

The sun rose.

I started putting in the miles.

I made it to Joshua Tree!

I kept moving.

And then I found Daniel sitting along the road with no shoes. He was really dehydrated, I could tell. He was just sitting there staring into the sun. I offered him my help.
I gave Daniel some water and gatorade, and some light snacks. I asked him what he needed, and he told me ice if I could. So I hiked into town and got him some. I also bought him a coconut water. He was really thankful.

I knew he needed to get out of the sun, and long story short, Daniel let me call him ambulance. He was really polite and thankful. I’m happy he decided to let me help him! 
I made it to town. I was hungry! I stopped at a really cool pizza place and had a great meal!

A “Buffalo Soldier” calzone and a rootbeer. It was really pricy, but I always enjoy a sit down meal. It was good! 
I headed over to the library and met a man who looked like he was homeless. I offered him my left overs, and wished I could have given him a full meal, but he accepted! He was really thankful too! 

I went to the library to catch up on journaling, but I was tired. High noon is usually my siesta time, I couldn’t find the strength to journal. I hung out, listened to music, and relaxed. After a couple hours, I rejoined the road.

I chipped away.

From left to right: Kristen, Gisela, and Rachel

Gisela, and her two daughters, Kristen, and Rachel, pulled over to check on me! They are friends of Philip and Shannon’s! They also mentioned they saw me at Mass on Sunday. They were so nice, and gave me a gallon of water, and a gift card to starbucks! They told me they knew I needed somewhere with wifi to catch up on journaling, haha! We parted ways.

So I went to Starbucks! And ordered a big frappuccino. It was great! I powered through all the pictures I had taken. It took sucha long time. I took hundreds back kn the Mojave! 

It started to grow dark, and I didnt want to be on the streets at night, so I hit sidewalk. I was hoping to get just outside town to find somewhere to camp.

From left to right: Roy, Flannery, and Jared. and Jesse too!

I met Roy, Flannery, and Jared! Their dogs name is Jesse. They were hungry, so I was able to help them out with some food! I gave them some bags of trail mix, some crackers, and a couple cans of chef boyardee. They were really thankful. We parted ways.

I traveled sidewalk into the night. A little road too, but the shoulder was extremely wide. I cracked a glow stick for good measure.

Eventually, I found myself on the far outskirts of Yucca Valley. I climbed a hill along the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve. I found a great place to set up my hammock between a few trees. Stars above, I slept great!

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