Day 49

Day 49
I’m not sure who scared who more! I met Tyrone, he was looking for somewhere to sleep and poked his head into the viewing room where I was sleeping in the middle of the night. He set up camp in the corner. I gave him a few waters and was able to fall back asleep.


I woke in the morning and Tyrone and I shared a good laugh. He asked if I was homeless a gave me some Taco Bell for breakfast. I gave Tyrone a few more waters and some other things I had. I invited him to Mass. We parted ways.

Turns out Fr. Mike, the pastor, is on vacation. A parishioner administered communion and we all spent some time in the chapel.
I went outside and ate the Taco Bell. It was good! I used extra hot sauce the way Tyrone recommended. 


Mary Helen

It was raining, and I went over to a gazebo to keep dry. A few moments later I met Mary Helen. She works in the office and invited me in to the parish hall for coffee and cake. 
I met the morning coffee crowd. They usually meet after Mass during the week. Jason and his Mom, Maria, Marco, and a few others who names I cant recall :(. We all hung out and chatted. It was a good time.
Storms were hitting the gulf coast, and it looked like I wouldn’t be able to travel. I talked with Mary Helen and she opened up the conference room for me to hang out in.
Mary Helen’s daughter and her husband bicycled from Seattle to San Diego. They did it before they got married. Mary Helen was able to send them care packages to post offices along the way. She gave me some tips on how it worked.

I used wifi and was able to upload photos and journal entries online. Mary Helen gave me sandwich makings for lunch! I had a huge turkey and cheese sandwich, chips, and a coke for lunch. And pickles!


Harold (left) and his son Jason (right)

Jason came back with his father Harold, and they offered me some food. I had already eaten, but we still hung out under the gazebo and chatted through the rain. 
We talked about all kinds of things. The journey I’ve been on so far, the blog, and how I got to Pascagoula. Harold is an author, and gave me one of his books on God. It was interesting listening to his ideas. We parted ways. 
The storms had cleared! I debated trying to make the next town, Gautier, by sundown. I decided to stay and risk travel in the morning. Mary Helen offered to keep the conference room open for me to sleep in. It was really nice of her. 


Grandma Pat, her grandson Avery, and her husband Rick

I met Pat and Rick, and their grandson Avery. They all had the aruduous task of feeding the Resurection High School Soccer team banquet. They fed me too! I hung out “backstage” in the kitchen with them. It was a fun time. After I tried Pat’s homemade bread pudding, I told her I really wanted to call her Grandma. She told me everyone calls her that!
I retired for the evening feeling thankful. It was a good day.

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