Day 116

Day 116

I arose before the sun, broke camp, and repacked the buggy. I left the secluded courtyard at the First Baptist Church hit the side streets. I made my way through town.

I started putting in the miles. 

It was a beautiful day and I took pictures.

By mid morning I reached D’Hanis. I stopped for a large powerade from Stripes. They have a pretty good deal: a half gallon cup for fountain drinks for $1.99. I go there when I can. 

I hydrated, broke my little roadside camp, and got back on the road.

These kids were all about adventure! They pulled up roadside, asked me a bunch of questions, and peeled off under the overpass. Summer vacation.

I took a break at a rest area along Highway 90 during the heat of the day. It was good rest!

Back on the road, it started to rain. It was a sun shower! People driving by on the 90 must have thought I was some sort of crazy person. It washed away the heat and stress. I couldn’t contain my joy. It was so refreshing!

 I reached Uvalde County line.

I passed into Sabinal. It was Sunday, and once again I kept my mileage low. I hung outside a market for a while and talked with my family through text, messenger, and phone call. It felt good to chat with my sister Emily.

St. Patrick’s, Sabinal, TX

I made my way to St. Patricks on the north side of town. I met Fr. Antonio! He allowed me to stay under a pavillion on the property, gave me water, and opened up bathrooms at the parish hall for me to use! He was a nice man. Wish I got a picture of him. 

I fell asleep in my hammock watching the near full moon. Stray cats fighting on and off throughout the night, reminded me of Alabama! 

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1 Response to Day 116

  1. The Hudons says:

    Hi Dylan,

    This looks like Our Lady of Fatima and the children of Fatima in the photo. Keep up the good works!

    The Hudon Family


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