Day 48

Day 48

I awoke under “the shed” and got ready for Mass. It had stormed through most of the night. I was able to stay dry! It is always great enjoying a good thunderstorm.
It stormed through the morning. I saw Wesey, Bill’s wife, in the parking lot. We went into the chapel for Mass.
I met a lot of nice people, I wish I could remember their names! One woman made a donation to the run. It was really nice of her.


Me and Wesey

After Mass Wesey opened up the parish hall so I could grab the leftovers that was set aside for me. We chatted as the food heated up in the microwave. She has a nephew names Dillon who is a seminarian. We talked about the journey so far and Wesey gave me a few things from the pantry. She also gave me leftover sodas and a capri sun!



We parted ways and I went back to the pavilion to eat breakfast. Dinner is always better as leftovers the next day.
Just then I got a message from Bill. He is Wesey’s husband. He offered me a place to shower and do laundry. It was very generous of him I accepted. A few minutes later he picked me up in his pickup truck.



It felt good to be in a home. Bill is an artist and it was really cool looking at his paintings on the wall. Wesey was at the nursing home visiting her aunt. We chatted as we watched ESPN and waited for the laundry.
Bill has lived in Grand Bay his whole life. He is retired and used to work for Chevron as a contract consultant. He has three children and they all went to the University of Alabama. We talked about all kinds of things. It was a great time.
The dryer buzzed and we headed back to the church. Blue skies opened up on the drive back. I decided to risk traveling despite scattered thunder storms. Bill and I promised to keep in touch, and off I went.



I started putting in the miles and reached the Mississippi line around 1 p.m. Another state! It felt good. Florida took me over a month to cross, and Alabama took 8 days and I took my time. Crazy! I went live on Facebook, it was cool.

I jumped back on the 90. The shoulder was wide. The roads in Alabama were tough, narrow with grooved pavement. I put in the miles and it looked like I could reach Pascagoula by sundown. I decided to call ahead to a church in town.
After some phone tag with the bishop’s office they found a really cool place for me to sleep. Sacred Heart church a mile walk from the Gulf of Mexico!



I met Kenny. He saw me on the phone in the parking lot where he works. He offered me a hot meal!

Kenny works for Interlek and loves feeding people, especially the guys who work for him. He gave me a bowl of deer roast out of the crock pot and a can of coca cola. It was so good! We chatted as I ate. Kenny was a really nice guy. We parted ways.

Shawn the bishop’s secretary told me the doors to the church were open, and I could lay my sleeping bag on the floor. I swung by Walmart and picked up a new sleeping bag, something I needed.


Sacred Heart, Pascagoula MS

I entered within.

It was peaceful, and quiet.

I fell asleep in a veiwing room behind the pews.

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  1. Wesey says:

    So glad you have a dry place to stay you are in my prayers be safe

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