Day 105

Day 105

I slept in a bit and roamed around the campground. I broke camp, repacked the buggy, and met up with Mitchell. We ate some poptarts for breakfast and hit the road. 

We started putting in the miles. Traffic was slowing. Mitchell educated me a bit on state laws regarding travelers. I learned a lot of information that will benefit me regarding camping, and traveling on varying roads going forward.

from left to right: Mitchell, Sean, and Tracy

Sean and tracy pulled over to meet us! They were so encouraging! Its always great seeing smiling faces out on the road. They asked to take a few pictures and even gave us a donation! We parted ways.

Capo in his rig

We made it a mile down to the convenience store. We took a brief break. Capo, a trucker, saw me filling up my water bottles at a spicket on the side of the building. He gave me a few bottles of water and then hit the road! 

Mitchell and I made our way back to the road. Then he asked me something interesting. He asked me if I wanted to switch off. I thought he meant who would lead, but he asked me to carry his cross! 

I was pretty amazed, I was so happy to do so! We decided to switch off every mile. Carrying Mitchell’s cross was truly a remarkable experience. I felt a bit like Simon. 


Come to think of it, he helped me carry mine too. 


Dante pulled over! He stopped to check on us and asked for a picture. It was great chatting with him!

After a few miles, a woman pulled over. I didnt catch her name, and missed a photo :(. She gave us a plum and a bible! She was a Jehovah’s Witness, and gave us some advice and words of encouragement. We thanked her parted ways. 

A cyclist pulled over and warned us of a bridge of troubled waters down the road. Didn’t catch his name. We thanked him for the tip. He took of spinning.

We made our way down Hamilton Pool Road, up and down, and across Hill Country. Shortly before noon, we were just a few miles from the Hamilton Pool Preserve.

Vince (and sons in the car!)

We met Vince! He pulled over with his two sons and offered us some gatorade! He was such a great guy. He and his sons were hoping to head to the Hamilton Pool, a beautiful swimming pool in Dripping Springs, TX. Turns out, reservations are required during the summer months and they weren’t able to go that day :(. I felt bad, but they live in the area and go frequently.

Thanks Jen!

Thanks to my sister Jennifer, Mitchell and I had reservations! 

The park manager, Michael, pulled over to check on us. He was pretty amazed we managed to have reservations, and complimented us on our orginization despite traveling haha! Thanks Jen!


We arrived at the preserve and Kathy greeted us! 

Michael and Camille

She payed for our entrance, and offered us to come hang out with the staff before the pool opened. It was a great time!


Mitchell and I snacked, hydrated and rested. We chatted about all kinds of things. Mitchell double majored on computer science and mathematics. He solved a Rubiks cube in 23 seconds right in fron of my eyes! So crazy! He also programs, and is designed a Rubik’s cube in virtual reality! 

The staff let us head down to the pool early before the public arrived! We followed the quarter mile trail down into the deep valley. Around bends, down slopes, and through rich vegetation, the sound of rushing water grew louder. 

Mitchell, Hamilton Pool Preserve, Dripping Springs, TX

We made it to the Hamilton Pool! I’ll post pictures instead of words:

PS, as always, lots more pictures up on Facebook!

We spent the day hanging out. We explored the caves, hung out on the beach, and swam in the crystal aqua water. We danced beneath waterfalls, watched crazy birds swarm the skies, and enjoyed the warmth of the sun. 

There was absolutely no cell service beneath the 80 foot canyon. Instead of going Live on Facebook, I recorded a great video of Mitchell and I exploring. 

Shortly before the pool closed, Mitchell and I hit the road. 

We weren’t sure where we would camp out, but trusted a place would be provided. 


We crossed the Pernaldes River.

Cross Walk America

We hiked up and about Hill Country.

We found a place to camp! Private property lined Ranch Road 952 all the way from Hamilton Pool to Cypress Mill, except for one break between properties. It was a small bit of land along the roadside. It had a few trees low to the ground that would keep us hidden from traffic. It was literally the only place for miles. 

In compliance with state law, and feeling thankful, Mitchell set up his tent and I set up my hammock. Mitchell left his cross by the road, something he does frequently.

Mitchell (left) and me (right)

John stopped to check it out! Mitchell first, and then I, headed down to the road to greet him. He lives 5 miles east of the pool. A friend had told him he saw two people with a giant cross traveling along the ranch road, and John decided to find us! He offered us a ride into town, but we decided we were set for the evening. John promised to meet us with food the next day. We talked about the great sun set we had witnessed. John snapped a picture of Mitchell and I! We parted ways with John. 

Me and Mitchell retreated to our roadside camp. I slept well in my hammock. What a day!

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