Day 55

Day 55
I slept in. Figured I would get the most rest out of my stay. I ate continental breakfast, repacked the buggy, and hit the road. 

I grabbed a coconut water at Walgreens. 



Outside I met Steven. He just got a job down the street! That made both of us happy. I gave him a water and a few other things and we parted ways.



On the outskirts of Waveland I met Joel. He was in a box 30 days ago. I told him I was happy he wasn’t there anymore. He agreed. 
One time, Joel walked all the way from Waveland to Sidell. He was amazed at what I was doing. He gave me some tips for the road ahead. I gave Joel a little bit of money and a few other things. He told me I wouldn’t believe how much it helped him out. I can believe it. We parted ways.

I walked the miles. I havent been running as much as I want to. Trying to find the best walk/run ratio. Balance!


Butterflies followed me all day. It was such a great stretch of road. I was back in the middle of nowhere for the first time in a few weeks. It felt good.


Scariest thing I have ever seen

As I reached Pearlington and had some trouble finding any churches on Google maps. 

I called the fire station and the guys helped me out.


Chris (left), me (center), and Ticker (right)

Ticker and Chris picked me up in a truck and gave me a lift up the road to the Church of Christ church. Chris just took on a preaching position at the church. It is currently under renovation. I think it got damaged in Katrina. Chris let me pick from a emergency supply bucket anything I might need.

They showed me to a back deck that had a laundry room with showers I could use. We chatted there on the deck and it turns out Ticker knows Ernie! He followed him in a fire truck all the way along the coast. 
Chris volunteers in Gulfport helping the homeless. We talked bit about that. Some of the homeless out that way are veterans. We also talked alot about this journey. Chris told me to be careful in New Orleans. 

It was a good time, but I needed rest and Chris and Ticker had to finish up their days work. We promised to keep in touch. Chris invited me to visit anytime.

 I retired to the laundry room, charged my devices, ate a few chicken sandwiches for dinner, and fell asleep in my sleeping bag on the floor.

Pearlington Church of Christ

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