Day 171

Day 171
I awoke before sunrise in my hammock along Highway 60 in Arizona. 

I broke camp and repacked the buggy.

I watched the sunrise in the east.

And then hit the road.

I put in a few miles and made it to Aguila, AZ. It was a agricultural town, and it smelled a little bit. Lots of flies too!

I made it to the Centro Catolico in town. It was just a little mission building.I was  hoping there might have been a vigil Mass, but it seemed they only had Sunday afternoon.

I took a siesta on the front porch. Lots of farm hands walked around town. I think it was their day of rest.

Time passed. I washed up at a hose behind the building. At 2:30 p.m., I was back on the road.


I watched the sun set. The moon rose. It was beautiful all around:

I moved into the night. I was just a few short miles from Wenden, AZ. I found out there is a mission in town with a 1 p.m., Sunday Mass. I would have some time to kill, and decided not to push it to make it to town. I set up camp along a culvert down beneath the road. Lots of crickets and a few mosquitos. I slept great!

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