Day 8

Day 8
 I woke up shortly after sunrise and broke camp. I met up with a country road that led back to the 90. I decided to take my time and walk the whole day.



I met Stephanie and offered her a pint of strawberries. She could uldn’t believe it and couldn’t wait to bring them home to wash and eat them.



David is a desert storm vet with three bullet wounds. He struggles with things and finds it hard to rely on the VA. He has been on the street in Lake City for 10 years. He served in the Air Force dropping rice, water, and even tanks from planes for support. He was a very kind person.
I also met a man named Chet. We talked about New Mexico and Colorado. He was on the street and had nice bicycle setup. I thought he might have been a traveler.He told me I would find some likeminded people out the way I was headed.
I met Dave who served in the Marines.


Curtis and Hobo

Curtis mentioned some sort of music festival going on in Live Oak and asked me if I was going. I asked him what the festival was for. He told me it was a hippie festival. I looked down at my bare feet and the hair in my eyes and laughed. I told him I was just passing through. I was intimidated by his dog Hobo at first, but he was actually pretty friendly.



Josh is from the Georgia-North Carolina line. He just arrived in Lake City and doesn’t have a penny to his name.

I made my way out from Lake City to the beautiful farmlands on Suwanee County. I kept my walking pace slow and covered around 12 miles or so. I set up my hammock behind a baseball field at a baptist church. I rigged my tarp over the hammock as there was potential for storms that night.

Around 1:30 a.m. I awoke to the clashing and flashing of thunder and lightening. All around me, and within me, I could feel it. It was real and raw. Frightened, I enjoyed the thrill of the storm. An hour or so later, I fell asleep to the trickle of lazy after-drops upon my tarp. My rig held up. It was a good night.

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