Day 72

Day 72
I woke up early in the motel and loaded the buggy. I ate left over jambalaya for breakfast. The people from the God’s Children church gave me so much leftovers! 

I hit the road. It was a few miles back into town where the band stand was. I always try my best to get all the miles in. I arrived around noon and rested for a bit on the levee. 

I doubled back to town and met up with 190.

 I followed it all the way to Erwinville, LA. There was a church in town, but no one seemed to be around. There was also a radio tower on the property, I didn’t know if it was monitored via security cameras or not.

As the sun set, I went to a Dollar General to use the bathroom. I contemplated sleeping back behind the dumpster. I actually hung out back there for a while and then decided to head over to the church.
I explored the property, hoping to find someone and let my presence be known. Without success, I headed to the corner of a playground on the property that bordered farm lands. I set up my hammock between two trees. I fell asleep listening to horses, frogs, and crickets. Every now and then I glanced up at the radio tower, protruding into to starry night sky. 

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