Day 155

Day 155
I awoke just before the sun.
I broke camp, repacked the buggy, and watched the sunrise. 

I hit the road.

Into Bowie! I stopped at a gas station and sat at a patio picnic table. I ate a can of beans and a can of chicken for breakfast 

I washed up at a hose. It was so refreshing!

At quarter to 8 a.m., I hit the road.

I headed through town:

I stopped at a gas station on the west side of town. I used the bathroom and hung outside. A radio was playing some Willie and Waylon.

I hit the road. The interstate. No lines. I chipped away at the miles:

Just before noon, I made it to a highway overpass. I hung out on the inside of a concrete barrier. I siesta’d.

Time passed. I napped and ate some raisins and peanut butter for lunch. It tasted just like a PB&J!

Just before 3 p.m., I rejoined the interstate.

I drank lots of water and rationed gatorade. I kept a great pace. The miles rolled by:

At 7 p.m., I made it to Wilcox!

I watched the sun set in the west, and its reflection in the east.

I made it to the Public Safety building! This is the place Nick back in San Simon had told me could help me out with a hot meal. He said they just like to help people.

And they did! They gave me a gift card to Burger King, just like that! Wow! After days out in the desert, and eating mostly canned goods, it felt so good to have hot food. I ate a big meal, and even had a milkshake! 

Feeling thankful, I doubled back to a culvert I had spied by the Public Safety building. It had a bit of public property behind it, and was quiet. I set up my hammock and passed out. It felt good to be in Wilcox, AZ!

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One Response to Day 155

  1. Ana says:

    Still in our prayers and in our hearts Dylan. So glad Wilcox, AZ was good to you.


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