Day 106

Day 106

I watched the sun rise on Hill Country just outside Cypress Mill, TX. 

I broke camp, repacked the buggy, and headed down to the cross. Mitchell and I hit the road.

It was a beautiful day. By mid morning we found ourselves in Cypress Mill. We left the cross and buggy roadside and headed up the hill to St. Lukes Lutheran church. The grounds were beautiful. I left my phone with the buggy so I didn’t take any pictures. 😦
We filled up our water bottles at a spicket behind the building. We walked the property and prayed the Stations of the Cross. We broke at a bench beneath a tree and ate a cactus pear Mitchell had picked. 

We hit the road. 

It was hot. Crossing Cypress Creek we jumped in and decided to cool off! It was so refreshing! The waters in Hill Country have been clean, cold, and surging. 

We hauled the cross up and down hills. We took short breaks in what roadside shade we could find. Shortly before noon, we decided to take a lunch break.

Just in time! John had called and wanted to bring us food! After a few minutes he showed up with makings for turkey sandwiches, granola bars, oranges, water, and beef jerky! He also gave us some really good bread from a local bakery! 
John had a busy day ahead of him, but he promised to meet us later on in Round Mountain with hamburgers for dinner! 

We hit the road. By 1:30 or so, we had made Round Mountain. 
It had been a good day. We covered 12 or so miles. Traveling as a team turned out to be pretty efficient. I took a roadside dip in a creek and Mitchell hung out in the shade. 

Pastor Frank and Nancy

Pastor Frank, his wife Nancy, and their grandson John picked us up! They were so nice! We had called asking for permission to camp at the Arena of Peace Cowboy Church in town. We left Mitchell’s cross by the road and loaded up the buggy and his gear into the bed of the truck.

We hung out with Pastor Frank and Nancy, and they showed us around the church. They allowed us to sleep inside! There were plenty of outlets to charge our electronics, and AC! They bought us a few powerades, and then left us to rest.

I hung my hammock in the shade by the church and took a nap. 

Mitchell (left) John (center) and me (right)

Just before sundown, John came by! He brought us hamburgers as promised, as well as chips and a few cokes! 
We brought a table in from the porch and hung out in the cool air conditioned lobby. We talked about all kinds of things. 

John’s wife and niece are musicians! He gave us a copy of their cd and we listened to some of their music. Paige and Ahnna, they are great! We talked about Nashville, the music business, and other things. 
Pastor Frank and Nancy, and a few of their friends came by. We chatted briefly, they didn’t stay long.
Before we knew it it was late! John hit the road, and we promised to stay in touch. 

I slept on the counter in the kitchen area, there were scorpions in the hall! Mitchell set up in a side room. I fell asleep feeling thankful. I slept well!

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