Day 56

Day 56

I awoke in the laundry room and took a shower. I repacked the buggy and left the Pearlington Church of Christ. 

I swung by a gas station and bought some snacks. I didn’t stock up on all groceries I needed back in Bay St. Louis, but I bought enough things to hold me off until New Orleans. 


I joined Highway 90 and crossed into Louisiana! I went live on Facebook. It was really cool. It was nice chatting with friends and family. 

 I started putting in the miles through the Louisiana swamps and bayous. 

The road was concrete, and felt good on my feet.

 I saw many fishermen, and even an alligator! 



I met Henry, he felt compelled to turn around when he saw me on the road. “Your that guy!” He explained. I’m not sure I was the guy he was thinking of, but me and Henry chatted just the same. He offered me whatever help I needed. We enjoyed a coke. 
Henry is from Los Angeles California. He had a surfer feel about him. He told me all his friends hang out at Huntington beach, right where I plan to finish this adventure! He told me he owns a home back in Waveland. We parted ways. Henry was a cool guy.



A few moments later I met Troy. He works at a swamp tour business and was on a smoke break. We chatted for a bit. It was nice seeing a random person along the road. I was sort of in the middle of nowhere. We parted ways.
It was a beautiful day. I swung by a Rigolet’s bait and seafood shop for lunch.



I met Shana, she ended up returning me my lunch money! She also gave me a coozy to keep my drinks cold! We talked about adventurers. She told me a 67 year old woman came through last week solo cycling from New Mexico to Baltimore. Pretty cool! Shana also encouraged me to fill up my waters at the sink in the store. I did so. I couldn’t thank her enough. We parted ways.



Outside I met Brian. We chatted outside the store for a bit as he enquired about the journey. Brian has a nephew named Dylan, spelt the same way! He seemed interested and the conversation turned to God’s mercy. I gave him an extra pair of rosary beads I had and a prayer card. He accepted. We parted ways. 

Once I crossed the bridge past the bait store, I was officially in New Orleans. 

I passed through many a zone. I also saw many, many, a snake. So scary!

I found my way to St. Nicholas of Myra an hour before sundown. I had difficulty getting in touch with someone to gain permission to camp. It was a mission church, so no one was around. 

 I took the risk and camped behind the building in my hammock. I enjoyed the night life sounds of the bayou: freight trains, birds, owls, frogs, crickets, and all kinds of unknown things.

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