Day 145

Day 145

I rose with the sun. 

I rolled up the sleeping bag, broke camp, and repacked the buggy. 

I started to put in the miles:

I made it to Vado just past 9 a.m.

I stopped at a little shack and ate a burrito for breakfast. It was good!

I made it to a Family Dollar, bought some pop tarts, and set up my hammock in some trees. I reclined for a long siesta. 

Time passed. It was long rest, but I was only 15 miles or so from Las Cruces. There were no Masses at the cathedral that evening, so I knew I had a half day to utilize. 

At 5 p.m. I hit the road.

I made it to Mesquite and filled up an empty gallon of water. 

I rejoined the road to Las Cruces. 

The sun hung low.

It set behind a pecan grove.

I kept moving.

Storm clouds hovered to the west. I watched crazy lightening from a safe distance.

Four miles from Las Cruces, I found a big and illuminated sign. Holy Cross Retreat Center. I contemplated heading down to ask the friars if I could rest on the property until morning. The private road sign threw me off, there were a few of them.

I found a New Convent church next door along the main road. I set up my hammock beneath an outdoor staircase. It started to rain lightly but I remained dry.

I fell asleep to a bright moon and dogs and coyotes battling off in the distance.

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