Day 54

Day 54
I awoke early to sprinklers! I quickly moved all of my things and fell back asleep in my sleeping bag on a dry patio.

After another hour or so of sleep I awoke to church bells.


Pearl and Jerry

After Mass I met some people. Chris wished me luck. Pearl and Jerry donated some money. 

Fr. Mike (left) and Deacon Bill (right)

I met Fr. Mike and Deacon Bill. They were really nice to me! They invited me over to the parish office building and fed me breakfast. Homemade eggs, bacon, and a biscuit. It was really good! I also had coffee and milk.
We talked about alot of different things, and they checked out the blog too. They gave me some tips on getting to New Orleans. Fr. Mike handed me an envelope with a hand written note, prayer cards, and some funds for the run! It felt good hanging out, but I had to get on my way.
I headed back down to the coast and joined the 90. I followed the ocean and took a few dips. 

I stopped by a memorial park and took a nice long break. 

I passed through Pass Christian and over the bridge to Bay St. Louis. 


Lawrence Kelly

Then an interesting event occurred. I saw a roadside statue of Christ and left the buggy to say a quick prayer. When I turned back around, Kelly was there on his bicycle.
He seemed amazed at me. He told me anyone who kneels down before a Deity he can respect. He offered me lunch.
Lawrence Kelly is an interesting man. He is from Chicago. He led me to the store and bought me groceries. Then we crossed the street to a patio outside his office. We hung out as I ate. 
Kelly shared his story with me. 6 years ago he was homeless in Jackson MS with no money. A man came up to him, gave him $5, and told him he should look for a job. Kelly was amazed that a complete stranger would give him money. 
He made a sign “need a job”. Someone came and gave him one.
Fast forward to present day. Kelley had the day off from both his jobs and decided to ride his bicycle to the beach. He passed the statue of Christ and noticed it for the first time. “What is that?” He could not understand it, and couldn’t shake the thought from his head.
Down at the beach pondering, he saw a blur crossing the Bay St. Louis bridge. He sat and watched it as it crossed the over 2 mile long bridge. He noticed it was a person as it drew nearer, pushing some sort of cart. He had a strange thought, “Follow him.” He did.

I didn’t notice Kelley until I turned around from the statue of Christ. I was hungry. 
Back on the patio, Kelly proclaimed, “I get it! Thats where people go to pray! You were praying!” It all fell into place. 
I had so much fun hanging with Kelly. We talked about all different kinds of things. We both offered all the help we had to eachother. We parted ways.

I tried a few different places to gain permission to camp with no success. Long story short Fr. Augustus and Wesley the groundskeeper from St. Rose de Lima put me up in a hotel for the night! They were camera shy. Amber the receptionist gave us all a great deal. I fell asleep feeling thankful!!!


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